A Selection of our latest Projects...

We work on some diverse stuff. Here's a few projects that we have just rolled out.

Policy Pro CRM Application

Project Description

Policy Pro is a CRM application for Insurance Brokers which handles a customer contact through initial enquiry, policy sales, payment and renewal year on year.

The application captures inbound enquiry emails generated on sales websites, converts them into database records and presents them to a dedicated sales team as new sales leads. The sales functionality drives the sales team to complete the sales process on all leads, and gives visability to the sales manager on sales completion figures.

The customer records form a CRM system and include multiple email, telephone and address records, along with links to all current and historical sales and policy records.

Policy records include normal policy details such as Insurer, currency, cover date and policy type. Additionally each policy record includes detailed financial transactions in multiple currencies, gross premium figures, commission sales and insurer payments. This data is used for detailed financial reports.

What we did

  • Consultancy
  • C# programming
  • Databse Design
  • .Net Development
  • Support
  • Training

Project Outcome

The company had been using filing cabinets and manual consolidation to manage all aspects of admistering the brokerage. This system has reduced errors and duplication in the filing system as well as giving huge benefits to the invoicing system and audit trails.

  • Commissions and Premiums Screen shot

Low Fell Shotokan Karate Club Website and CMS

Project Description

Low Fell Karate Club required a platform to promote the club to attract new members, keep its current members up to date with events and gradings and publish appropriate news stories of interest a wider audience of regional Karatekas.

The publishing system was built in Umbraco in order to provide a simple to use back end publishing system for the non technical site administrators.

The site was designed and built to respond to different device widths (such as mobile phones and tablets) as the information was required to be made available to a wider range of visitors than "normal" desktop users.

What we did

  • CMS
  • Design
  • Database
  • .Net Development
  • Interface Design
  • jQuery
  • Training

Any other information

You can check out the current version of the Low Fell SKC site here

  • Home page detail
  • Home Page layout
  • News Article page
  • home page on different devices

ListCopy Utility

Project Description

This SharePoint feature was developed to work around the limitation that the Express version of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services will not consume data directly from a SharePoint list. An Event Receiver captures when a list item is edited in SharePoint, and automatically copies the data from the required fields into a SQL Server table. The SSRS reports can then be connected to the SQL server table. This is all seamless and automatic and invisible to the users of the system.

This feature can also be used to export data from SharePoint lists into SQL Server tables, avoiding the need to develop custom export code when making system changes and migrations.

What we did

  • Consultancy
  • SharePoint
  • SQL Server
  • MSSQL Reporting Services
  • Training
  • Visual Studio

Like this Utility?

We hold the license for this utility and can supply a version that will work with your install of Sharepoint.

  • The list copy code

KeyLog SharePoint Custom Application

Project Description

This SharePoint feature consists of a custom application page hosted in a SharePoint site, which actually connects to and consumes data from an external SQL Server database. Data is presented in the page using a combination of custom data layer classes and web services.

We created a MSSQL scaleable database to store relatioinal data and present it withing the SharePoint Interface using a custom application page.

Attention was paid to the interface and made use of pop-ups to speed up data entry and editing.

What we did

  • SharePoint
  • MSSQL Server
  • consultancy
  • training

Need a SharePoint Feature?

We love building SharePoint Features and it is quick and easy to do. Give us a call on 0191 478 6262 and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

  • The list copy code

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